• Bed Bug Control Fort Worth - Arlington

  • Bedbugs are back and they are as feisty as ever. Bed bugs bite and feed on the blood of warm blooded animals. They bite and feed on you while you sleep in their favorite place, your bed. Infesting mattresses, box springs, sofas and other furniture. They are mainly nocturnal but can be active during the day if the opportunity for a meal exists.

    Currently bedbugs are not known to transmit any infectious agents but there is ongoing research that may one day prove otherwise. Research does support that repeated exposure to bed bugs may cause allergic reactions. On some people skin lesions may develop that resembles lesions caused by other insects, such as mosquitoes, fleas and ants.

    Our Approach:

    We use both heat and liquid treatments to eradicate bed bugs in major hotels, businesses, and residences.  Our liquid treatment is effect in controlling minor issues when budget is a concern.  For those heavy infestations we pull out the big guns, our bed bug heat equipment.  To learn more about heat treatments visit our bed bug heat treatment page.

    See our bed bug service Prep sheet:
     chemical(conventional) treatment prep sheet

    For more information on bed bugs visit:
    Texas A&M University Entomology web site.