• Stop Bed Bug Bites Immediately

    A Bed bug heat treatment is the most effective approach to control bedbugs. We are a company that offers heat treatments also know as thermal remediation for bed bugs in Fort Worth and Arlington. Our options include a totally green approach(heat only) as well as a hybrid approach with limited pesticide use. Stop the bed bug bites in one day with a Bed Bug heat treatments from All Dead Termite Co.(ADTCO).

  • Major Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatments:

    • Heat is Non-Toxic
    • The Bites Stop Immediately
    • Proper Heating Ensures All Life Stages are Dead
    • The Area Treated Can Be Re-entered Shortly After The Service.
  • DIY or Do It Yourself Bed Bug Control

    DIY or Do It Yourself Bed Bug Control

    Do it yourself methods in most cases have not been successful. Because bed bugs have become Resistant to many products...meaning they no longer die from exposure. This is why we began to offer bed bug heat treatments.

    Whole house/business or partial areas are considered for heat treatments.

  • How to Kill Bed Bugs with Heat?

    Temperatures and Time

    Bed Bug Life Stage

    Killing Zone

    Time Till Death

    Bed Bug Adults and Nymphs

    113 F

    15 Minutes

    Bed Bug Eggs

    113 F

    60 Minutes

    All Life Stages of Bed Bugs

    115 F

    7 Minutes