• Heat Stops Bed Bug Bites Immediately

    A Bed bug heat treatment is the most effective approach to control bedbugs. We are a company that offers heat treatments also know as thermal remediation for bed bugs in Fort Worth and Arlington. Our options include a totally green approach(heat only) as well as a hybrid approach with limited pesticide use. Stop the bed bug bites in one day with a Bed Bug heat treatments from All Dead Termite Co.(ADTCO).

  • Benefits of Using Heat on Bed Bugs

    • Heat is Non-Toxic
    • The Bites Stop Immediately
    • Proper Heating Ensures All Life Stages are Dead
    • The Area Treated Can Be Re-entered once cooled
  • Heat Kill Bed Bugs and their Eggs

    How Heat Kills Bed Bugs.

    Temperatures and Time:

    Bed Bug Life Stage

    Killing Zone

    Time Till Death

    Bed Bug Adults and Nymphs

    113 F

    15 Minutes

    Bed Bug Eggs

    113 F

    60 Minutes

    All Life Stages of Bed Bugs

    115 F

    7 Minutes

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment Commercial